Johan Ederfors is mainly arranger and composer, but also educating music and a musician. He has also been conductor and bandleader in different kind of projects.
You can read about the activities and services Ederfors offers.


Ederfors writes music in many different styles. Chamber music, orchestral music, vocal music, commercial music and pop/rock. His music can be ordered at STIM/Swedish music or directly from this website. Ederfors also writes music to order. Music ensembles who have performed his works are Norrköpings symphony orchestra and Helsingborgs symphony orchestra. Parts of his music is published at Gehrmans music publishing


You can order special written arrangements here, either complete arrangements or for example a string/horn/vocal arrangement to individual pieces.


Do you want your music as sheet music? Ederfors will gladly help you. Send a recording and you will get a proffessional music notation back.