10th September it is release on Ederfors new album, The Sky is open

This is his second album as a solo artist with 12 new songs.

The album is available on most streaming sites and there is also a CD you can order from here by using the contact form. The price is 179 SEK plus shipment costs.

It will also be available in some Record stores, Hotstuff, Älmhult Bengans, Gothenburg , Folk å Rock, Malmö, Pet Sounds, Stockholm and Hamm&Nilsson, Östersund.

Pressrelease (PDF in swedish)

Johan Ederfors has worked as a composer for 25 years and composed music in different styles. His music has been performed by swedish orchestras and musicians and he has also been broadcasted by Swedish national Radio P1, P2 and P4.

Ederfors trade mark anyway is that he composess music in many different genres, mainly instrumental music, but the last years he has composed more music with lyrics.

2009 he released his first album, The Festival of the Poplars, a portrait CD with contemporary music.

2018 came his first album as a solo artist, Working on it.

2019 the album Idyllium was released. An album containing fifteen piano works composed between 2002 - 2019.

2021 Release of the new album called The Sky is open.

Ederfors music is available on Spotify here or on Youtube here.